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Some of our happy customers.

Hundreds of businesses and individuals use Jukedocs to provide access to their most important files from any mobile device. From students to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, people have chosen Jukedocs for its scalability, security and user ease of use.

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"You guys are awesome...I am not aware of another software product that allows me to access files in seconds from any device that I choose. This is a great solution for our mobile employees."

Steve Conaby, President

The support I received was unparalleled to that of any other company I have worked with (and there have been many). Your combination of a first class software, with first class support has made this executive very happy!"
Dave Crewson, President


"I would like to say that I am very impressed with the quick response. I found this very refreshing and would like to say that this was the best customer service I have received in years."

Melissa Terrafino, Manager Marketing

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