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Our Story.

At Jukedocs we believe that information is the modern day gold. The organizations that maximize the ability of their employees to use and act on information will be the most successful. Adapting to the new cultural shift that is "consumerization to business" will be a crucial next step for the next few years for high growth organizations. We all understand that tomorrow's employees needs are different than those of the past.


Where they work, when they work, how they work and what they need/want to do their work, are all changing requirements that need to be considered. Jukedocs provides a solution that meets the changing needs for both the employees and IT. There is no longer a requirement for unsecure consumer grade "box based" cloud storage solutions or productivity draining FTP servers. 


"We've built Jukedocs on the fact that Knowledge, Ideas and Information mean nothing if they can't be shared, and the type of device you choose to share from shouldn't stop you."



Please read more about the team below and let anyone of us know if you need anything and we will be quick at responding and helping you out.

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