Enterprise Grade Security.

Jukedocs is an Enterprise Grade Content Management platform that is not to be confused with hosted file-sharing applications that do not meet the security requirements for today's businesses and educational institutions.

"Jukedocs was built with the highest levels of security and encryption that meets the needs of IT when adopting a BYOD or mobile policy for their users."


The Jukedocs security and privacy features are built on the following (6) requirements below to prevent data loss, privacy issues and theft from occurring. In summary, we use best-in-class technology and security architectures to protect your documents against loss and unauthorized access. Be assured with Jukedocs your documents are safe and secure, so you can share, manage and access your content with confidence.

1. Authentication

All users must authenticate themselves using a user name and password to login to the software platform. Enterprise customers can also choose from options, such as integration with their Active Directory using Single Sign On, to provide authentication for all their users using their existing security credentials.

2. Direct Secure Upload Feature

The unique Jukedocs secure upload feature allows users to directly link files they wish to upload into the system without being routed through external email servers. This prevents data from being captured or viewed by external parties and allows for complete control of the data communications between Jukes and the users device.

3. Permissions & Roles

Content in Jukedocs is secured using granular permissions and role-based security to ensure authenticated users only access the content they’re authorized to. Users can hide folders or files from specific users, or provide read-only access to certain content. Jukedocs also allows a network to choose administrators who can control network settings and manage users. It takes just a few clicks to remove users from a network. 

4. Secured content on mobile devices

The Jukedocs encrypted data storage protects content stored for offline use and prevents unauthorized access to the stored content so all your mobile devices are covered. This ensures that no files are ever downloaded by an app and then left on the device as an unsecured file. Jukedocs delivers the application-level encryption and data protection your mobile employees need to share documents and other content safely.

5. SSL Encryption

Web servers and web browsers rely on the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to help users protect their data during transfer by create a uniquely encrypted channel for private communications over the public Internet. Each SSL Certificate consists of a key pair as well as verified identification information. Jukedocs provides 4000-bit encryption on our servers and 256-bit SSL encryption to prevent interception of data in transit between Jukedocs in the cloud and end user devices and browsers.

6. Reporting and Audit Trails

Jukedocs provides reporting capabilities and comprehensive audit trails for nearly every action or activity that occurs within the system. Administrators can track account actions, document lifecycles, sharing activity, user name, email address, IP address, date/time for all actions. They can then generate detailed reports and sort by group, date range, file or user to give insight into potential security concerns.