Bring Your Own Device "BYOD".

The number of smartphones and tablets in use will reach over 2.5 billion by the end of 2015, according to Forester Research estimates. If you haven't been encouraged to establish a program to allow Employee and Student owned devices to access, at the very least, email, calendars  and documents / textbooks it's a virtual certainty you will be by 2015.


"78% of organizations and 83% of educational institutions identified that mobile device management solutions for BYOD are now included as a top 5 priority for the CIO."


BYOD for the office or at the school, no problem! Jukedocs provides businesses and educational institutions with both the Enterprise security and features that IT wants, and the Social simplicity that end users prefer.

Top 3 things to implement an effective and successful BYOD program include:


​1. Establish a policy: A comprehensive policy is the cornerstone to a successful BYOD program

​2. Make the user experience great: Amplify the user experience with software like Jukedocs that puts productivity into action

​3. Manage devices: MDM solutions work seamlessly together to easily on-board, manage, and secure devices connecting to

    the network with minimal impact on IT

Mobile Industry Trends...

1. BYOD comes in a variety of platforms, having a solution like Jukedocs that works on any OS and any device without changing the formatting, is a critical component of a BYOD program.​

2. 78% of companies say there are more than twice as many personal devices connecting to their corporate networks in 2013 than compared to two years ago.

3. Tablet adoption is predicted to grow by almost 50% per year for the next 3 years, although 80% of BYOD access is not secure through consumer grade solutions.​

4. Forester Research predicts that tablets entering the workplace would grow from 10 million in 2012 to 80 million by 2015. This includes 65% entering the office and classroom.​