Jukedocs benefits everyone.

Today people are more mobile, more collaborative, and more social than ever. Now you can work anywhere, with anyone, on any device—all connected through the Jukedocs cloud. In other words, Jukedocs makes sure you have your content wherever you are and on whatever device you choose.

Jukedocs is an easy-to-use but powerful content collaboration tool, that lets business professionals and educational institutions work smarter. We support all file types and sizes and we keep track of the complete history of any file or document, through our version control and tracking which saves users a significant amount of time and effort locating the right content.

Business gets to:


Enable employees to work anywhere, with anyone on any device. We provide access to their content in a secure and company-approved way including sharing files, access documents and collaborating without hesitation.

Why? Access to knowledge and information is what makes businesses competitive. Some employees believe that using a network drive or consumer grade file sharing solution is sufficient, but they are unaware of the risks and productivity loss.

Education gets to:


Support Teachers and Students to embrace BYOD and support integrating these devices into the classroom and the overall learning experience. We provide educators a means to provide students access to content and curriculum, regardless of the device they choose to take advantage of the 21st Century Classroom.

Why? There is a wide acceptance of BYOD across all educational institutions. More than 85% of institutions now allow some sort of BYOD and the technology that students are bringing in, is very diverse


Healthcare gets to:


Provide healthcare professionals with an easy-to-use system for managing healthcare documents electronically in compliance with regulations such as HIPAA. Healthcare files, patient notes, charts, billing records, and other paper and electronic health records are managed in a secure system where files are searchable and instantly retrievable. 


Why? To improve patient care by providing your staff’s access and collection of everything from patient records to billing all in a single, secure, compliant online solution. Set up workflows to move patient information automatically through your process. 

IT gets to:


Alleviate security and version control concerns while enabling users to become truly productive. Jukedocs provides a secure solution for both inside and outside the firewall, that can be accessed via the web, on tablets, smartphones and laptops, while managing risk and security to drive the cloud strategy.

Why? When it comes to inhibitors to cloud content adoption, fear over availability, data loss and content theft are the biggest concerns, along with the need to demonstrate security, compliance and ownership for any auditor.

Legal gets to:


Manage forms, pleadings, case files, contracts, and other client and law firm documents electronically so staff and attorneys have instant access to legal records and email messages - from any location. Apply records policies to legal documents to manage the review process for contractual deadlines and legal obligations. 

Why? Managing and tracking all documentation for clients in one system is always a challenge for legal professionals. Full disclosure adds another layer trying to use “Read Receipts” sent along with your emails or sending large legal files when most email providers provision a 2-4MG limit on attachment sizes.