Secure content enablement, on any device.

At Jukedocs our focus is on enabling content to work on any device, and support the Bring Your Own Device "BYOD" shift that is occurring in today's workplace and schools.




  • Instantly Connects all sites and branch offices, regardless of the OS

  • 100% Searchable files from any mobile device, at home or on the move

  • Safe outside the firewall sharing with stakeholders, partners and clients

  • Quick and simple to set up and easy to use with familiar social concepts

  • Encourages sharing and collaboration with both employees and clients

  • 4k bit internal encryption and either 128 or 256 bit on the browser

  • Nothing to install, so no extra load or burden on the IT department

Jukedocs works on all devices.

Jukedocs for iPad (iOS)

Jukedocs for Windows

Jukedocs for Andriod

Jukedocs for Windows8

Get started in seconds...

Jukedocs is literally set up in the blink of an eye. Simply show Jukedocs where to find your documents by dragging and dropping or emailing them directly into the system. Jukedocs will not move or modify your original files. Jukedocs analyzes your documents as they are uploaded and converts them to HTML5 which makes them fully searchable for you on any web enabled device. That’s it, you’re now ready to get started working with Jukedocs!

Social simplicity features

Simply login to the software and then you are connected to your app based dashboard with your local document folder, as well as your shared and published folders. Everything is accessible from an intuitive app based landing screen. You can keep and access your documents wherever they are! The Jukedocs Cloud lets you decide selectively which of your documents you wish to share, publish and search from any device you choose. The software also allows you to convert paper based documents into fully searchable HTML on the fly by scanning and emailing them directly into the platform.

100% searchable content

Jukedocs uses a power natural language search engine. Just type any key word into the search bar, and Jukedocs will search all of the content within the specified document, folder or the entire system including images and video content! From there, you can see the highlighted sections where the searched words are contained and the key words as highlighted in yellow to find your content in seconds. Only relevant documents related to your searches are displayed. Finding your documents has never been this quick and easy.

Enterprise grade security

Jukedocs applies the strictest security standards and encryption technologies to ensure that your documents are safely secured offline or in the Jukedocs hosted Cloud. This includes 4k-bit internal server encryption and 256-bit on the web browser with a full TLS/SSL encryption. In summary, we use best-in-class technology and security architectures to protect your documents against loss and unauthorized access. Be assured with Jukedocs your documents are safe and secure, so you can share, manage and access your content with confidence.